Ai Weiwei. Zodiac Charm ‘Dragon’ Edition of 99 Zodiac Charm hand-cast in 999 pure gold; on a red silk string, packaged in a clamshell box with a bookle

Ai Weiwei and TASCHEN present an unprecedented fine art jewelry collaboration following the success of the artist’s Papercut Portfolio. With the Zodiac Charms, Ai returns to his seminal 2010 work Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads, an exploration of history, authenticity, and cultural dialogue. In this new, exclusive jewelry version on the theme, he turns to the multifaceted personal meanings the Chinese zodiac has held over the centuries. The charm has been sculpted by the artist based on its appearance in the earlier work and hand-cast in 999 pure gold.

Limited edition of 99 copies, each signed by Ai Weiwei; Zodiac Charm hand-cast in 999 pure gold on a red silk string.

Also Available: Zodiac Charm: ‘OX’ – ‘PIG’ – ‘TIGER’ – ‘RABBIT’ – ‘SNAKE’ – ‘DOG’ – ‘HORSE’ – ‘RAM’ – ‘MONKEY’ – ‘ROOSTER’ – ‘RAT’ .