GOAT Champ’s Edition Edition of 1,000


GREATEST OF ALL TIME: A TRIBUTE TO MUHAMMAD ALI is a book with the power, courage, depth, creativity, and dazzling energy of its extraordinary subject. With thousands of images, including photography, art, and memorabilia and two gatefold sequences, this epic publication pays vivid tribute to The Greatest both in and outside of the ring.

Original essays and five decades’ worth of interviews and writing explore the courage, convictions, and extraordinary image-building that made Ali one of the most recognizable and inspirational individuals on the planet, an icon not only as an extraordinary athlete, but also as an impassioned advocate of social justice, interfaith understanding, and peace.

This exceptional Champ’s Edition, limited to 1,000 copies, is signed by Muhammad Ali and Jeff Koons and features:

Four gelatin silver prints signed by photographer Howard L. Bingham and Muhammad Ali.
The sculpture Radial Champs by Jeff Koons, measuring 175 x 170 cm (69 x 67 in.) and comprised of two inflatables and a stool.
Over 3,000 images—photographs, art, and memorabilia, much of it published for the first time—from over 150 photographers and artists.
Original essays and the best interviews and writing on the Champ over five decades, totaling 600,000 words.
A silk-covered box illustrated with Neil Leifer’s iconic 1966 photo Ali vs Williams.
XXL-format: 792 pages, including two gatefold sequences measuring 200 x 50 cm (80 x 20 in.); nine gold-metallic double-page spreads printed in silkscreen open each chapter.
Measuring 50 x 50 cm (20 x 20 in.), GOAT tips the scales at 34 kg (75 lb.).
Highest-quality binding in pink leather, the color of Ali’s first Cadillac.
Optimum photographic reproduction, creating unparalleled intensity and range in the colors and exquisite tone and density within the duotone images.
Eight-color printing on Galaxi Keramik 200 gsm semi-matte paper with gloss varnish on all images.
GOAT. Champ’s Edition
Edition of 1,000
Hardcover in clamshell box with four prints and sculpture, 50 x 50 cm, 45 kg, 792 pages



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