Julian Schnabel. Art Edition No. 36–135 ‘11-Color Archival Print’ Edition of 100


Julian Schnabel makes art out of life. He uses everyday materials in paintings that carry a rich sense of history, he directs movies that paint portraits of artists and other heroes, and he builds his own dream of a Venetian palace in New York. This art edition of TASCHEN’s oversize limited-edition monograph, made in close collaboration with the artist, comes with an exclusive archival pigment print, for which Schnabel has painted on a map of the world from 1795, opening a dialog with the past and speaking to his own unending sense of discovery.

Art Edition (No. 36–135), numbered and signed by Julian Schnabel, with the original artwork The Fall of Tyll, 2020, signed by the artist

Condition A: [ Original Box – Unopened Book – 100% New ]