Walton Ford. Pancha Tantra. Art Edition (No. 1–100) ‘Granary’ Edition of 100/SOLD OUT

Walton Ford’s large-scale watercolors of animals make up a unique anthropomorphic universe rich in sly jokes and hidden meaning. The most comprehensive survey of Ford’s oeuvre to date, this publication features 40 new works, more than 120 additional pages, and a new essay by the artist. Following the original sold-out Art Edition, this update of Pancha Tantra includes the six plate aquatint etching Granary, which depicts crimson-capped Acorn Woodpeckers guarding their cache of acorns as the Hollywood Hills—and the famed Stahl House—are threatened by wildfire.

Art Edition of 100 copies, each with the original print Granary, 2020 signed by Walton Ford

Condition A: [ Original Box – Unopened Book – 100% New ]