Yoshihiro Narisawa. Satoyama Cuisine Edition of 1,000


Yoshihiro Narisawa, born in Aichi prefecture in 1969 as the son of a baker of western recipes, moved to Europe at the age of 19 where he trained in France, Switzerland, and Italy, before returning to his homeland. Narisawa opened his first restaurant in Kanagawa in 1996, moving to Tokyo in 2003. After pursuing a connection with French cuisine, Narisawa went on to develop his “Satoyama” style. His restaurant has been listed for many years as one of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants and has achieved worldwide recognition.
The photographer
After 25 years in the coffee business, Sergio Coimbra became the world’s leading culinary photographer, working with names such as Massimo Bottura and Heston Blumenthal. He studied photography in New York before opening Studio SC in São Paulo. Since then, he has worked on award-winning publications such as Chocolat (2016) with Pierre Herme, Fluiditá with Massimiliano and Rafaelle Alajmo (2013), and with Spanish chef Quique DaCosta (2015). He has exhibited at the Basque Culinary Center and at the Japan House in Los Angeles among many other places. Coimbra is an avid collector of unique dishware, ranging from Chinese ceramic to modern Nordic pieces. He is the winner of the Grand Prix de la Photographie du Tourisme Gastronomique in Paris in 2011.

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